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Prices are for double fans unless stated SF. I sell what I would expect to get from others (sizable healthy fans). Some plants are naturally small so I will send extra bonus fans In this event. Plants are shipped bare rooted with excess foliage trimmed. Shipping usually starts early May but that will depend on the weather. If you require a specific shipping date please let me know. To offset the shipping cost I will send extra bonus fan or a gift plants of my choice. Plants are shipped by xpresspost . To reserve your plants please send me a downpayment. Full payment is require before i ship the plants. I accept cheques , money orders, and e-transfers . Please make cheques payable to Joe Hawkins. E-mail me for plant availability before sending payment.

**NEW Minimum order $100.00


Once again i had to raise my shipping rates. What i was charging last year for any province other than Ontario and Quebec usually only covered regular parcel.

Ontario $15.00 + $1.00 / plant

Quebec $17.00 + $1.00 / plant

New Brunswick $25.00 + $1.00 / plant

British Columbia , Alberta $40.00 + $1.00 /plant

PEI , Nova Scotia , Newfoundland ,

Manitoba , Saskatchewan $35.00 + $1.00 / plant

For United States customers daylilies can be picked up at the Can-Am meeting in Toronto, May 4-5, 2018. A plant inspector will be present to provide a phytocertificate at no cost. Otherwise, I can mail the daylilies from Canada at a cost of $20.00 USD for the phytocertificate and $20 USD deposit for shipping + whatever shipping cost that are owed at shipping time.

Joe Hawkins

Ayton , Ont



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